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  • Product Code: ULTRASONIC BATH 1400ml
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  • 90.00€
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Ultrasonic cleaner that cleans everything from surface debris using only the water and vibration that creates ultrasound. Eyeglasses, rings, chains, watches… Just put in a bathtub, pour water and the device will do everything for you. Quiet operation, low power consumption. Adjustable power and time.

Product parameters:

- ultrasonic sensor (dia. 35) with excellent clear effect

- water and chemical resistant control panel

- Digital timer, 5 levels of adjustment

- cooling fan, necessary for longer operation

- moisture resistant joints for difficult working environments

- detachable power cable

- the quality case of the device is waterproof and resistant to falling

Technical parameters:

Tank volume: 1400 ml (max. 1100 ml, min. 450 ml)

Tank dimensions: 168 x 138 x 66 mm

Operating frequency: 42 kHz

Tank material: stainless steel SUS304

Sheath material: ABS

Power: 60W

Energy management: 220 - 240V AC / 50-60 Hz

Dimensions: 244 x 164 x 228 mm

Weight: 2.25 kg



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