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SDG6032X DDS Waveform Generator 350MHz 2 Channels

SDG6032X DDS Waveform Generator 350MHz 2 Channels
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  • Brands SIGLENT
  • Product Code: SDG6032X
  • Availability: 2-3 Weeks
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Product Overview

SIGLENT’s SDG6000X is a series of dual-channel Pulse/ Arbitrary Waveform Generators that feature up to 500 MHz bandwidth, a maximum sample rate of 2.4 GSa/s and 16-bit vertical resolution. They also include proprietary TrueArb & EasyPulse technology that help to solve the weaknesses inherent in traditional DDS generators when generating arbitrary, square and pulse waveforms. In addition, the SDG6000X is a multi-function device which can generate Noise, IQ signals and PRBS patterns. These features enable the SDG6000X to provide a variety of high fidelity and low jitter signals, meeting the growing requirements of complex and intensive applications.

Key Features

▪ Dual-Channel, 500 MHz maximum bandwidth, 20 Vpp maximum output amplitude, high fidelity output with 80dB dynamic range
▪ High-performance sampling system with 2.4 GSa/s sampling rate and 16-bit vertical resolution
▪ Multi-function signal generator, meeting requirements in wide range


  • Sweep and Burst function
  • - Harmonics function
  • - Waveform Combining function
  • - Channel Coupling, Copy and Tracking functions
  • - 196 built-in arbitrary waveforms 
  • -High precision Frequency Counter
  • - Standard interfaces include: USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC), LAN(VXI-11, Socket, Telnet). Optional Interface: GPIB
  • - 4.3” touch screen display for easier operation


Continuous Wave

Up to 500 MHz continuous sine wave


Adjustable Pulse Width 

The pulse width can be fine-tuned to the minimum of 3.3 ns with an adjustment step as small as 100 ps, at any frequency.

Adjustable Edge 

The rise/fall times can be set independently to the minimum of 1 ns at any frequency with a minimum adjustment step as small as 100 ps


Low Jitter 

When a Square/Pulse waveform is generated by traditional DDS, there can be additional jitter if the sampling rate is not an integerrelated

multiple of the output frequency. EasyPulse technology successfully overcomes this weakness in DDS designs and helps to produce low

jitter Square/Pulse waveforms.


 Point by Point Output      


TrueArb generates arbitrary waveforms point-by-point. It never skips any point so that it can reconstruct all the details of the waveform,

as defined. Two interpolation modes are available: linear and zero-order hold.


Arbitrary Waveform Software EasyWave


EasyWave is an arbitrary waveform software platform that supports waveform creation and editing. It features manual drawing,

as-well as line, equation, and coordinate editing modes. It is also a convenient way for users to edit their own arbitrary waveforms.



Gaussian noise with bandwidth up to 500 MHz. The repetition period is more than 100 years, and the bandwidth is adjustable.

Wideband Gaussian noise can be easily added to other waveforms to simulate real world scenarios in which the signal contains

a large   degree of noise.

IQ (optional)


The SDG6000X supports popular modulation types such as ASK, FSK, PSK, and QAM. Proprietary resampling technology

provides excellent EVM performance at arbitrary symbol rates between 250 Symb/s - 37.5 MSymb/s. Built-in digital

quadrature modulator provides the possibility to generate IQ signals from baseband to 500 MHz intermediate frequency.

IQ waveforms can be generated by the PC software EasyIQ.


PRBS3 ~ PRBS32 with finely adjustable 10-6 bps - 300 Mbps bit rate and 1 ns - 1 us edge.


Preset common logic levels such as TTL, LVCMOS, LVPECL and LVDS. An added differential mode provides an

easy way to generate differential signals using the both channels.             

Large Signals at High Frequencies

Dual-channel, 20 Vpp amplitude sine wave guaranteed at up to 40 MHz

Small Signals

Low noise floor, improves signal-to-noise ratio



Plenty of modulation types, such as AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK, DSBAM, PWM are supported. The modulation

source can be configured as “Internal” or “External”.

Sweep and Burst 

Sweep modes include “Linear” and “Log”. Burst modes includes “N cycle” and “Gated”. Both Sweep and Burst can be

triggered by “Internal”, “External” or “Manual” source

Waveform Combining 

The waveform combining function superimposes CH1 and CH2 waveforms internally and provides the combined

waveform to a user-selected output. Easily combine basic waveforms, random noise, modulation signals,

sweep signals, burst signals, EasyPulse waveforms and TrueArb waveforms


Harmonics Function 

Harmonics function gives you the ability to add higher-order elements to your signal.


Two Dual-channel Operation Mode                                             

"Phase-Locked" mode automatically aligns the phases of each output. While "Independent" mode permit

the two channels to be used as two independent generators. Independent mode also smoothes parameter

(frequency, amplitude) changes made to an active channel

Frequency Counter


8-digit hardware frequency counter with statistics function and input range of 0.1 Hz - 400 MHz

Optional Configurations
SPA1010                                        10W Power Amplifier
ATT-20dB                                       20 dB Attenuator
USB-GPIB                                       USB-GPIB Adapter
SDG-6000X-IQ                                IQ Generator Module 

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