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SPS5051X Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply 180W 50V/10A

SPS5051X Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply 180W 50V/10A
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Product Overview

The SPS5051X is a programmable Switching DC Power supply that provides output power at 180W, with a maximum voltage output of 50V, using single-channel output configuration coupled with constant power capability. The SPS5051X can be connected in series (2 units) or in parallel (3 units) to meet the requirements of 0~320V and 0~270A, with a maximum combined power of 3240W.

The SPS5051X has a high brightness 2.4 inch OLED display, a user-friendly human-computer interface that enable easy control and performance monitoring. The SPS5051X provides high resolution voltage and current settings, adjustable slew rates, list sequence programming from the front panel or over the standard LAN/ USB interface, analog control, and over-voltage, current, power, and temperature protection. These features make this power supply an ideal choice for a variety of demanding markets, including Commercial Industrial, Education, Energy and Power Generation, laboratory general testing, the LED lighting industry, and automotive electronics.  


  • Output Channel : 1
  • Rated Output Voltage : 50V
  • Rated Output Current: 10A
  • Total Rated Output Power : 180W
  • Voltage Programming Accuracy : 0.1% +/- 10 mV
  • Voltage Programming Resolution : 1 mV
  • Voltage Readback Accuracy : 0.1%+/-20 mV
  • Voltage Readback Resolution : 1mV
  • Current Setting Accuracy : 0.1% +/- 30 mA
  • Current Programming Resolution : 1 mA
  • Current Readback Accuracy : 0.1%+/-40 mA
  • Current Readback Resolution : 1mA
  • Protections : OVP, OCP, OTP, LPP, Low AC Input Protection
  • Output Resistance Setting : 0 - 1.5 Ω
  • Efficiency : 200Vac > 79%, 100Vac > 77%

    Constant Output Power

    Output Voltage, Current up/down Slew Rate

    CV/CC Priority Mode

    Internal Resistance Setting

    Discharge Circuit

    Web Server Interface

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